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How do I report a name change?

Commercial, Residential and Mold Remediation name change fee is $100.
Home Improvement Registration name change fee is $40.

In the state of Louisiana, contractors must bid, contract, and perform in the exact name as shown on the current records (Section 133 of the Rules and Regulations of the Board).  Any changes made to a company’s name must be submitted to the Board, if unrelated to a merger or conversion.  

Note: You CANNOT change from a sole proprietorship to a business entity with the current license. A new license/registration application is required if changing from a sole proprietor to a business entity.

The following must be submitted prior to updating the license/registration:

  1. If LLC, Inc. or LP, must notify the Louisiana Secretary of State of the name change and the new name must be reflected on their website. (This is required even for out-of-state companies.);
  2. If General Partnership, provide a copy of legal documentation signed by all partners consenting to the name change;
  3. If Sole Proprietor (licensed in individual name), provide a copy of legal documentation reflecting the name change such as a copy of a marriage license or court order changing the name of the sole proprietor;
  4. Payment for the appropriate name change fee (see above); Cash cannot be accepted;
  5. Provide proof by certificate of current General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance in the new name;
    1. Required for Residential, Home Improvement and Mold Remediation licenses ONLY
    2. This is NOT required for Commercial licenses
    3. Your insurance agent must directly email these certificates to insurance@lslbc.louisiana.gov.  
  6. Cover letter with license/registration number(s), contact person, and contact telephone number, including extension.

To submit the documents and credit card info for payment by email, please email to mhurst@lslbc.louisiana.gov.



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