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How do I report a conversion?

Commercial, Residential and Mold Remediation conversion fee is $100.
Home Improvement Registration conversion fee is $40.

The following must be submitted prior to updating the license/registration:

  1. Copy of the signed, executed plan of conversion;
  2. Must notify the Louisiana Secretary of State of the conversion and the conversion must be reflected on their website. (This is required even for out-of-state companies.);
  3. Copy of the Articles of Incorporation (if the converted entity is a corporation), the Articles of Organization (if the converted entity is an LLC), or a copy of the partnership agreement (if the converted entity is a partnership);
  4. Payment for the appropriate conversion fee (see above); Cash cannot be accepted;
  5. Provide proof by certificate of current General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance in the new name;
    1. Required for Residential, Home Improvement and Mold Remediation licenses ONLY
    2. This is NOT required for Commercial licenses
    3. Your insurance agent must directly email these certificates to insurance@lslbc.louisiana.gov.  
  6. Cover letter with license/registration number(s), contact person, and contact telephone number, including extension.

To submit the documents and credit card info for payment by email, please email to mhurst@lslbc.louisiana.gov.


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