• 2525 Quail Drive, Baton Rouge, 70808
  • (225) 765-2301
  • Text-To-Verify: 1 (855) 999-7896
dial 225.765.2301 followed by the 3-digit extension

Primary Contacts

Name Position Email Extension
Michael McDuff Executive Director mmcduff@lslbc.louisiana.gov 221
Judy Dupuy Board Administrator jdupuy@lslbc.louisiana.gov 224
Tarah Revette Administrative Assistant; Public Information; Records Custodian trevette@lslbc.louisiana.gov 213
Janna Lege HR Director jlege@lslbc.louisiana.gov 233
John Dixon Information Technology Director jdixon@lslbc.louisiana.gov 261
Megan Hurst Administration/Reception mhurst@lslbc.louisiana.gov 210

Commercial and Residential Applications

Elaine Riggins Applications Director eriggins@lslbc.louisiana.gov 243
Helen Miller Applications/Insurance hmiller@lslbc.louisiana.gov 234
Michele Lemoine Applications/Insurance mlemoine@lslbc.louisiana.gov 242
TK Quinn Licensing Certification tDavis@lslbc.louisiana.gov 211
Monica Webster Applications/Insurance mwebster@lslbc.louisiana.gov 241
Paula Lamotte Licensing Investigations plamotte@lslbc.louisiana.gov 227
Wendy Loup Applications/Records wloup@lslbc.louisiana.gov 212
Megan Hurst Reception mhurst@lslbc.louisiana.gov 210

Compliance — Administration

Brad Hassert Compliance Director bhassert@lslbc.louisiana.gov 248
Leann Evans Administrative Program Director levans@lslbc.louisiana.gov 216
Monica Davis Commercial Compliance mcdavis@lslbc.louisiana.gov 235
Lowana Cola Complaints lcola@lslbc.louisiana.gov 237
Maranda Legaux Residential Compliance mlegaux@lslbc.louisiana.gov 253
Carrie Morgan Administrative Manager cmorgan@lslbc.louisiana.gov 215

Compliance — Investigative

Brent Templet Compliance Administrator btemplet@lslbc.louisiana.gov 244
Todd Brady Compliance Supervisor tbrady@lslbc.louisiana.gov 223
Charmel Peterson Compliance Supervisor cpeterson@lslbc.louisiana.gov  
Bobby Abraham Compliance Supervisor babraham@lslbc.louisiana.gov  

Examinations and Assessment

Doug Traylor Examinations  dtraylor@lslbc.louisiana.gov


Nikki Lopez-Crawford Examinations  nlopez@lslbc.louisiana.gov 259
Shannon Temple Examinations stemple@lslbc.louisiana.gov 228


Tracy Guidry Accountant Administrator tguidry@lslbc.louisiana.gov 219
Maria Brady Accounting Supervisor mbrady@lslbc.louisiana.gov 236
Janet Kimble Administrative Program Specialist jkimble@lslbc.louisiana.gov 247
LaShundra Brown Accountant 2 lbrown@lslbc.louisiana.gov 232
Natalie Abukhalaf Accounting Technician nabukhalaf@lslbc.louisiana.gov 250

Interactive Web Portal

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